The Shareware Reminder Message

Every time you start an unregistered copy of Style, a shareware reminder window is displayed. This window contains three buttons:

The Shareware Reminder Window

Kagi Shareware

Shareware registrations for Style are handled by Kagi Shareware. Kagi is a company run by Kee Nethery that processes shareware registations for several hundred authors. Kagi is not a software publisher, and they do not provide technical support for Style or any of the other programs they handle. For technical support, you should contact us.

The Register Application

Register Your copy of Style should come with a small application called "Register", which you use to create a customized registration form to send to Kagi Shareware. If you do not have the "Register" application, you should download a fresh copy of the whole Style package. It is vital that you use the registration form since payments sent without the appropriate form can be delayed or lost.

When you launch Register, it puts up a window asking for all the necessary information. Type your name, postal address and e-mail address in the corresponding boxes at the top of the window. You must provide either a postal or e-mail address, else you will not receive any reply to your registration. If you do not have an e-mail address, you must check the "Postcard Receipt" box (which automatically adds US$1 to your charge) at the bottom right of the window. Then fill in the payment details at the bottom left of the window. Choose your method of payment from the pop-up menu and complete the relevant information (credit card number, type of currency, etc.) below.

Next, indicate how many copies of Style you want to register by typing the number of copies into the "Single User" box. In most cases, you should just type "1". Do not type the shareware fee into this box since Register computes the fee for you. The "Site" and "World-Wide" check boxes are intended for companies and organizations that want a license to use Style on all their machines. If you feel that Style is worth more than US$12, you can add an optional bonus in the "Bonus US$" box.

Once you have filled in all this required information, the "Register" application displays the total amount at the bottom right of the window. You then need to create a registration form by clicking one of the following three buttons:

Finally, you can send your registration form. The Kagi Shareware e-mail and snail-mail addresses are given on the registration form itself.

Online Registration

If you are a credit card owner, you can register Style online using a web form. There are two versions of this form: a secure version and a standard version. You should use the secure version of the form unless you're using a web browser that does not support secure connections. Using a secure form ensures that all information flowing between your computer and the remote web server is encrypted during the whole session, protecting sensitive information from prying eyes.

After You Register...

After you register, Kagi Shareware automatically sends you an e-mail reply titled "Thanks for your payment", or, if you don't have an e-mail address, a postcard receipt. This message confirms your payment and contains your personal registration code. Enter your name and your registration code in the shareware reminder window, and click the Enter Code button: now you own a registered copy of Style. Make sure you type both your name and your registration code exactly as they appear in the message you get from Kagi: using your registration code with a different name will not work.

It is very important that you keep your registration code in a safe place, since you may need to enter it again if you move Style to a different machine or if you re-install your system software from scratch. If you nonetheless lose your registration code, send us (not Kagi) a message.

It can take Kagi Shareware up to a week to process a registration form from the date they receive it. If you do not receive the "Thanks for your payment" e-mail message, contact Kagi Shareware at or the postal address given on the registration form to ask about the status of your registration.

Once you have registered, you are considered registered for all future versions of Style, so you do not need to reregister or pay any additional fees when you upgrade to a new version.

Common Mistakes

If you do not provide an e-mail address and you want a postcard receipt, you must give a postal address and check the "Postcard Receipt" box (this automatically adds US$1.25 to the charge), otherwise you will not receive any confirmation from Kagi.

You must send the registration form to Kagi Shareware and not to the shareware author. On the other hand, you must send comments, suggestions, bug reports and all other requests for technical support to Merzwaren and not to Kagi Shareware.

Do not e-mail Kagi the "Register" application itself or send a screen shot of the "Register" window. You use Register to create a registration form, which consists of some text and possibly bar codes if you are using the printed version, and you send that form to Kagi Shareware.

Do not check the "Site" or "World-Wide" boxes if you only want to register a single copy. These boxes are for companies or organizations that want a license to use the shareware on all their machines. If you mistakenly check one of those boxes, you will be charged significantly more than for a single copy.

The "Register" program is not an order form: you are supposed to already have a copy of the program you register. Neither Kagi nor Merzwaren will send you copies of Style. You can download Style yourself from a number of online services or Internet shareware archives.