WASTE WASTE is a text editing library for Mac OS programmers: a piece of software that allows developers of Macintosh applications to add text display and editing features to their own programs. WASTE stands for WorldScript-Aware Styled Text Engine, although nowadays, that acronym is no longer accurate, since WASTE 3.0 no longer relies on WorldScript technology, but uses ATSUI instead.

The WASTE 1.3 Documentation (a PDF document) is available online.

Feature Overview

The main features of WASTE 1.x were:

The last version in the 1.x series is 1.3, released in January 1998. More information related to WASTE 1.x can be found on the original WASTE page maintained by Dan Crevier.

The WASTE 2.x series added the following enhancements:

The last version in the 2.x series is 2.1 (aka 2.1b1), released in August 2002.

Although a proper reference guide to WASTE 2.1 has never been written, most APIs and features are explained in the following documents:

Most of the APIs in WASTE 1.3 are unchanged and supported in version 2.1, so you can refer to the WASTE 1.3 documentation (see below).

Wrapper Classes and Add-Ons

There are a number of wrapper classes that allow you to use WASTE from within the most popular C++ frameworks for the Macintosh:

There are also several add-ons:

Downloadable Files

The WASTE-related archives available from this site are:

More stuff is available from Dan Crevier's site.

The WASTE Mailing List

A new mailing list is available since September 2005 for discussing WASTE version 3.0.

The old mailing list created by Dan Crevier, and currently maintained by Jud Spencer using LetterRip, remains available for general WASTE-related questions, and for discussing older (pre-3.0) versions of WASTE. To subscribe, send a message to

There are also archives of six years of past messages to this mailing list available from this site.

NOTE: These archives are kept behind a password to protect them from spambots (robots that harvest e-mail addresses for spammers). When you click on one of the links below, your browser will put up a dialog box asking for a user name and a password. The correct user name and password appear in the dialog box itself (look for "Realm").

Another WASTE site, hosting a bunch of interesting mailing lists. Yet another WASTE site, selling Radiohead-related merchandise. And another geeky product called WASTE. Can you tell what all of these have in common?


What follows are the licensing terms for WASTE 2.1. WASTE 3.0 is licensed by Ovolab and subject to different licensing conditions.

Source code licensing fees for WASTE 2.x are collected by Kagi. You can pay using the Register application bundled in the WASTE distribution or you can register online using your credit card.