The latest final-quality version of WASTE is 2.1 (which is functionally identical to 2.1b1, released in August 2002) and it implements the main goal originally planned for version 2.0, namely, paragraph-level formatting, including word processor-style tabs. WASTE 2.1 is also the first version of WASTE that can be compiled natively for Mac OS X, as a Mach-O binary, while retaining backward compatibility all the way back to System 7.1 and 68000 CPUs.


WASTE 3.0 is currently being tested and adopted in a number of Mac OS X applications. An early evaluation kit is available for download. WASTE 3.0 was rewritten from scratch in C++, using the STL, modern programming idioms, and an MVC architecture. It requires Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther), and features the following changes:

Migrating WASTE to ATSUI has taken a good chunk of time and effort, and due to fundamental differences between ATSUI and Quickdraw Text, not all features previously available in WASTE 2.1 are available in the first release of WASTE 3.0.

If you have an application that uses WASTE 2.1, please read this document to learn what you can do to prepare the transition to WASTE 3.0.

Here's a list of features planned for future builds of WASTE 3.x: